Oliwia writes for Oasis Blog

Hi! My name is Oliwia Osinska and I have been a member of Oasis since a young age. My mum works there and when I was small, I visited her quite often and began to participate in Oasis projects.  Since becoming a member of Oasis, I have become more confident participating and speaking up as well as feeling more comfortable speaking in front of others.

One of the projects I am currently involved in is Energize which is a sports and healthy eating project. I joined this because I felt that in my every day life, I was not motivated to do exercise and I thought through the project I would find exercise and healthy eating easier and more enjoyable. In Energize we don’t just play the sports that we usually would play at school or see on TV like football or rugby, we look at the different sports available to us within our community like badminton, basketball, American football and even walking football. We also explored different cultural recipes like Polish meatballs, Portuguese chicken and healthy desserts.

The thing I enjoy most about Energize is the sense of family and belonging I have found¬† there. Some individuals who I probably wouldn’t get along with otherwise have turned out to be really kind and fun people in an inclusive, nurturing environment. As well as it being fun to be part of, Energize has also equipped me with some great skills such as teamwork, sportsmanship and handling / dealing with pressure.

Energize isn’t the only thing I have been involved with in Oasis; I’ve volunteered at Summer Scheme and Portadown Gets Active, been a member of Melody of Movements and United Stars and also been given the opportunity to gain my Level 1 OCN in Youth Work Practice. I definitely see myself remaining part of Oasis in the future and I would love to be able to participate in Friends Forever and/or Youth Forum once I become old enough.