We pride ourselves that our Tuesday night drop in is a place where everyone will be welcomed. Around 60 young people from a wide diversity of backgrounds mix together in a casual and relaxed environment, our Youth Centre is spread across two floors and offers space that is suitable for everyone including:

  • A Quiet Room (not always so quiet, but you get the idea)
  • “The Loft” area, with music, pool, PS3, Wii, Airhockey, Table Tennis, Fussball, Tuckshop and Milkshake Bar
  • Culture CafĂ© is a relaxed area, for people to socialize over a hot chocolate or latte with background music
  • Our newly refurbished Music Studio is a popular area for small group of up to 3 to record and edit some demo tracks or video footage.
  • Our welcome area provides a space for young people to simply chat, often with a leader or at other times just to each other, modern yet cozy with sofas and beanbags, sometimes young people spend a significant part of the night in this area.

If you want to become involved at Oasis, the Tuesday Drop-In is a great place to start, each week we give updates on all the other programmes, trips and residential opportunities than can be accessed throughout the year. So if you want to become involved this is a great place to start. Our centre is open weekly from 6.45-9pm and is accessible to anyone from Year 8 to 18.

Not sure its for you, why not contact us and we will arrange a time for you to drop down have a quick tour of the centre, then you can make an informed choice?