Step Up

The Step-Up programme aims to benefit BME young people aged 11 to 20, by reducing their levels of underachievement and social exclusion. It aims to raise the confidence and expectations of young people, building their capacity to succeed and improving their skill base. The programme has identified three main areas of development that we believe will have a positive impact upon the inclusion, education and employability of young people regardless of the barriers that exist within society.

The programme will initially engage young people from a BME background in a series of sport, drama, media and other personal development opportunities in order to establish positive group dynamics and build trust between youth and staff/volunteers. We envisage that BME young people will develop a sense of belonging and well-being by these integration focused activities.

During phase 2 of the Step-Up programme we will see more BME young people develop the skills and confidence to make positive transitions in education via targeted support, this will be achieved through direct delivery of informal and formal educational programs along with partnership working with educational establishments and training and recruitment companies.

Following successful completion of the engage & educate aspects of the Step-Up Programme we will endeavor to empower over 100 young people by providing volunteering/work experience opportunities by working in partnership with local employers. We believe that upon completion of this programme young people from a BME background will be making a significantly increased positive contribution to local society.